Submit your Attendance

One of the main purpose of RafieeNet is for submitting students’ attendance. There are two options to submit your attendance:

  • From top menu, go to Tools and then select attendance. Insert your student ID and name, and press on “Submit your attendance” button. Wait a few seconds to get verification in a green box. In addition, there is another button called “Attendance Method 2”. In case the attendance engine is busy, you can select the second option. By pressing the button, a pop-up will appear and asks you to insert your student ID and name and submit your attendance by pressing the button.
  • The second approach is quite simple, but it only works for logged-in users. If you have already registered and logged-in to your profile, you just need to press on “Submit your attendance” button in your Profile. Waite a few seconds to get verification in a green box.

Please note:

  • Attendance usually starts 30 minutes before class is started (it varies depending on each semester and will be assigned by lecturer). Also, it closes after 1-hour from starting of class. You can still submit your attendance, but Attendance engine doesn’t consider your attendance.
  • In your attendance sheet, you may find the following characters:
    • ✔️ or ✅ : You were presented in the class (zero absence will be considered)
    • ⌚ or ⏳ : You were late (0.5 absence will be considered)
    • ❌: You were absent (1 absence is will be considered)
    • ??‍♂️: Public Holiday (zero absence will be considered)
    • ?: Class was canceled (zero absence will be considered)
  • Attendance is open half an hour before class is started. Do NOT submit your attendance if you are to sure to be able to attend in the class.
  • Attendance is closed one hour after class is started.

Please watch the below tutorial in case you have still gray area in your mind.

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