About RafieeNet

RafieeNet is a website focused on higher education level. If you are here, you already have some information about how the website works. Beside uploading assignments and checking results, you have access to numerous free tools and services related to your course.

RafieeNet includes several features as follow:

Main Website (rafiee.net) #

This is where you can start your journey. There are several tools on the website which you can use free of charge. If you enter as a guest (not logged in) user you can:

  • Send your attendance to classes even period to class to be started
  • Review the lecture notes which were captured directly from the class’s whiteboard
  • Watch recorded class videos to review in case you have missed a part of class
  • Use many online tools such as Q-Calculator (Marcumm calculator) to not only find the value, but also visualize the result in the associated graph.
  • Participate in Daily Bonus to achieve extra marks

However, there are some other services which are for registered users only those who are current students. The reason is simple, they can register by thier Student ID, and the website shows all of their information including but not limited to:

  • Number of missed classes (live attendance sheet)
  • Grades (assignments, quizzes, midterm, final, advantages, Daily Bonus results, etc)
  • Send attendance by pressing on a button rather than entering name and student ID

LMS Dashboard (lms.rafiee.net) #

This website is only accessible for registered students. All academic tasks are done in this dashboard. Those who are registered and logged in, visit a new button called “LMS Dashboard” in the top header or in their profile. They can access to LMS website to upload their assignments, participate in quizzes, exams. etc.

Survey & Polls (survey.rafiee.net) #

Indeed, every interacting task needs to get feedback from end users. There is a website to get feedback from users and students regarding the website and teaching. Many of the features in this website, are suggested by users.

Online Seminars and Storage (cloud.rafiee.net) #

The title explains itself clearly. This subdomain is students who have final project with the lecturer. They need to create a new account, upload all stuff related to their projects and defend their project in an online session.

Help and Support (help.rafiee.net) #

Last but not the least, is our ticketing system. If you couldn’t find your reply in the knowledge base of the website, you have the option to create a new ticket in this subdomain. Normally tickets are answered in less than 24 hours. There is no need to register in this website, however, you need to provide a valid email address in case you need to follow -up your request. You can also save your ticket number coherent with your provide email to follow up your request. All responses will be delivered to your email inbox, too.

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