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We offer e-learning facilities to every knowledge hunger around the word. MRafiee is a portal for active students in my class to live track their knowledge growth. However, all resources in MRafiee is free for knowledge diggers.


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Check your homeworks weekly. Every new home work will upload in relevant course and you can access your homework and find dateline in this section.


There are two types of assignments, Handwritten and Online. Handwritten assignments must be uploaded in related folder according to your course.


Check your results for either homework, exam, quizzes, class activities or daily bonus. Note automatic results will be updated every 15 minutes.


You want extra marks! No worries, You can get extra score by answering a daily bonus questions which are uploaded everyday. The questions are taken from the lecture you've learn in the corresponding week.


Did you miss the class or a key point in the class? Just go to Lecturer notes which are raw screen shots of professor's handwritten on the board. You can Seem take a note, complete your notebook or even download them for better understanding.


Have you ever think of look at lecturer's attendance sheet even in a glance to make sure if he did a mistake ? You can look at your attendance in details. It's live and will be updated every 15 minutes.

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Find useful link to jump to your page . Looking for your attendance sheet, Homework or Assignment upload ! Click on the buttons below to redirect to the page.






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Key solutions

Key solutions


We’re happy to back up our claims with detailed results – how many agencies can say that? Take a look at our wide range of clients, from FTSE100 to exciting new startups, and discover how we’ve helped take their business to a new level.


Current Lecturing Courses

Technical English for Engineering

Technical (Special) English for Engineering students including Electrical & Electronics engineering students in addition to ICT students.

Digital Communications

Digital communication as a compulsory course for telecommunication engineering and ICT students. The pre-requistique courses include Numerical Calculations, Fundamentals if Telecommunication Systems and Systems and Signals.

Satellite Communication

Satellite communication is an optional course every electrical engineering student can take after completing 3 years. Digital Communication is a pre-requisite to this course.

Fundamentals of Telecommunication Systems

This is a mandatory course for telecommunication and electronic engineering students. Full understanding of Systems and Signals and also Electromagnetic is a must before taking this course.

Registration Benefits

Registration benefits

Register, Log-in and Enjoy your pre-made profile

Registration to this online platform is literally easy and free of charge. However, you need a Matrix number (Student ID) provided by your university to benefit fro services in your profile. After you’ve registered,  you are given a profile where you can see all your online results, attendance sheet, uploaded assignments and etc. You are also able to upload your assignment with no pain.

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I have teached and trained more than 1200 students in four different universities as a Senior Lecturer since graduated as a Ph.D holder.  I have lectured various electrical engineering courses such as Digital Communications, Fundamental of Telecommunication engineering, Technical ( special) English for electrical engineering, Filter Analyst and Synthesis, Logic Design, Signals and Systems and etc.  Currently, I am supervising more than 8 student projects either as a main supervisor or co-supervisor. 









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Success Stories

Success Stories

We’re as good as they say we are

We’re happy to back up our claims with detailed results – how many agencies can say that? Take a look at our wide range of clients, from FTSE100 to exciting new startups, and discover how we’ve helped take their business to a new level.


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